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Analytics has traditionally been used to apprise marketing strategy and tactics, with the arrival of web world Analytics has acquired a different definition. User’s analytics is already a significant competitive resource as organizations today need insights into markets.

EamaniTech Analytical solutions gives a much needed report on website usage, data of visitor’s actions, number of visitors hitting the web sites, insight regarding leverage for evolution about customer’s loyalty and corrective measures required to increase customer loyalty and sales.

ET Analytics finds out the real report affecting the financial side, by tracking everything about the visitors to your web and mobile site such as operation, duration and quantum time and work. ET’s skills help you to form strategy and fill up the potholes causing commotion in smooth ride to mobile app or web highways.

ET also extend to ERP analytics to provide you with enterprise module, such as CRM for effective analyses of data to give you clear vision of what exact actions to take.

ET- advantage of Analytics

  • Enhance dynamics to control and manage the cost
  • Growth enhancement through deeper customer insights
  • Improve internal & external risk management
  • Helps predict customer behavior and help build mutual relations stronger
  • Through past data and present data can predict the course
  • Respond time to meet challenges or emergencies by giving trend
  • Pointer to help improve content, design and overall presentation.
  • Presenting comparable data to improve mobile apps in comparison to the market and performance of other’s mobile apps.
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