Boon for medical sector

ET’s Hospital Management Systems is a complete, integrated information system programmed to manage all the features of a hospital operation, such as organizational, financial, health and legal systems etc. The system co-relates with existing paper-based and mobile data information also. ET’s software works successfully to improve patient care, avert revenue’s unwarranted outflow, expand productivity, in short helps your hospital run in profit by automated management.
The benefits of the e-system:

  • Single platform that stops unwanted expenses thus adding to the profits.
  • Instigates unified communication between all departments
  • Prompts patient discharge by simplifying billing system
  • Automates system to control leakages that is a disease to any system
  • Achieve data management successfully through Cloud base performance
  • Brings patient data on a central platform to help patient with early treatment options
  • ET’s HIS works with a PC and Internet connection is a simplified way to avoid high end programs.
  • Facilities to check all activities of hospital on an integrated dashboard.
  • Vendors manageable at single point

At A Glance- Hospitals’ services that can be integrated

  • Accounting management, billing & invoice
  • Budgeting, revenue management and expense tracing
  • Claims management, human resource
  • Bed management, out-patient management
  • Doctor’s management, appointment management
  • Patient’s record, Inventory, staff and vendor’s management

ET’s product facts

  • Software- Web, SAAS, Cloud and windows
  • Product training- Through documents, webinars, in person through internet
  • Support- Anytime online

Best way to streamline your business is through ET-advantage of advanced Hospital management services tool.
Elementary features:

  • Logins as per role such as teacher, staff, parents etc.
  • Database management for all each role
  • Class, subject, sections defined records
  • Subjects and teachers, grading and marking system
  • Attendance, leave and timetable etc. meaning practically everything related to school
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