Software Testing Services: Quality is no more a challenge

At EamaniTech, forming operative testing strategy and execution model for Web, Mobile and E-commerce applications is our job that is nothing short of a mission. As quality testing is supremely important for customer applications and infrastructure. We identify, define and implement quality standards, by giving best in our software testing services.
Our software test consultants make sure that described defects are mended by the developers and re- testing to be performed by testers on the fixed defects. We test every application with patience, and by keeping user’s perspective in mind always.

Unique testing

Our testing center is equipped with excellent test labs that provides state of the art technological help to give best test results of your merchandise. Our software testing services include the following.

  • Manual and Automated testing
  • Performance testing
  • Testing advisory
  • Maintenance and support testing
  • Resilience Testing

Manual and Automation Testing (QC, JIRA, and QTP):

Manual testing is important because it’s considered that 100% Automation is not conceivable. Manual Testing types are:

  • Black box
  • White Box
  • Unit testing
  • System testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Integration testing

Misconceptions in the trade regarding manual testing are rife, these are summed up in couple of lines.

Manual testing is not a laymen’s job, it requires skill to find most defects, as finding 100% defects is not possible, besides automated test a manual run is also mandatory. The process is intricate and needs skillful expertise.

Quality Control (QC)

QC is a procedure to identify and fix issues with the software. We use QTP (quick test professional) an automated technology to maintain the product quality.

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