System simplified

Software customization has been simplifying most of the things and Education management services too are not far behind in getting its benefits. It’s important to learn at the outset, by taking example of school management software or a school ERP. The school software can boggle traditional minds of old schools. Still they have all the more reasons to be adopted by all schools.

ET’s school management software (ERP) is ideal for those who care to stick to standard code of conduct and are stickler to the routine, not for just few days but entire session. This is a single platform where all teachers, students and parents can be informed or get information by a single click for any information, rules or system of school’s education management.

School Management software or School- ERP

School ERP is an interface and a via media where school staff can keep track of student’s life cycle in the school, right from admission day onwards. Whole process of task and activities is automated to impart any kind of information on each student. The process runs by automation has four important parts.

  • Database- a centralized and interpersonal system to contain database.
  • Role based- A role based interface to access the centralized system
  • User friendly- user-friendly entry point to make routine transactions
  • Reporting system- Robust and integrated system for smart handling
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