Innovation is the key

EamaniTech (ET) provides management consulting services Pan-India and beyond. We impart our services in providing innovative business modules by our innovations, strategies for enhancement of business and trouble- shooting the crux of the problems, causing hurdles in the smooth rides. We partner with our clients in constructive ways and be the part of solutions rather than adding problems by indiscreet suggestions.

What ET do

Our motto is simple yet effective, we help our clients to attain immediate goals in hand, then help build the long term plans and find appropriate ways to perform them for success. Every individual, group and company has inherent talent and capabilities, our job is to channelize it by making a software backed technology your eternal friend. We believe in formation of automated business system and helping software system, not the complete transformation, as it’s not possible generally to turn business around on its axis.

Strategy and innovation

Strategy is the skill, and innovation is the arms that you fight the business related issues. In time like today when the things are ever-changing and fight to be one up is never ending, there is only way to surge ahead of your competitors, by strategy backed innovation. Our robust infra-structure, planning and transfer of technology will empower you to achieve success through big competitive environment of the world.
Trouble-shooting the problems that may arise on day to day or long time basis, our competence comes in handy with various solutions at the right time.


  • Global experience to understand the global needs and global strategic thinking
  • Sensitivity to cultural diversity, deep self-awareness
  • Humility, Enduring curiosity and self-Presence
  • Good listeners, communicators, thoughtful and honesty
  • Focused excellent negotiators
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